As your City Council Member, my priorities are:
  • To work with you to create a healthier city and state - physically, mentally, economically - where our families and communities can thrive
  • Imposing legal limits on emergency health mandates. No extensions without super-majority approval of Legislature.
  • Elimination of all masking, testing, and vaccine mandates for employment, cultural, educational and social activities.
  • Rehiring government, public and private workers who were laid off or fired due to health mandates.
  • Enforcement of federal statutes (Civil Right Act, ADA) prohibiting discrimination based on race, religion, health status, etc.
  • Parents’ right to choose what medical treatments and educational policies are appropriate for their children.
  • Make the Dept. of Health accountable to the people by direct election of the Commissioner or City Council appointment of a Board.
  • Foster mental health and city pride by preserving neighborhoods, enhancing infrastructure & curbing overdevelopment such as the Vornado Penn District 10-towers land grab.

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