New Year’s Greetings

    Some of you might be surprised to hear from me after a hiatus, yet I have exciting news to share about my plans for 2023 that could affect thousands of people in New York City:

    In 2022, I ran for State Senate in District 47 on Manhattan’s West Side as a Medical Freedom Party candidate. The MFP is a new and independent party, founded the day after Easter, 2022, by members of the Medical Freedom Alliance of New York, an all-volunteer activist group founded in 2020 to protect and exercise our God-given rights and our bodily autonomy. I, along with dozens of dedicated volunteers, distributed more than 10,000 of my campaign flyers in English, Spanish, and Chinese. I did two interviews with Manhattan Neighborhood Network and another with podcaster Jane Hanson’s PoliticsNY “3 Questions, 3 Minutes,” series (youtu.be/byyetDXXRZw), and ran two ads in West Side free newspapers paid for by contributions to my campaign. I received 1,536 votes (1.47%). Although Democrat incumbent Brad Hoylman won, I got more votes in 12 Election Districts than the other independent candidate, Maria Danzilo, of the Parent Party. I was one of 8 Medical Freedom Party candidates who got on the ballot and ran campaigns in New York City for the 2022 election. Together, MFP party candidates garnered almost 7,000 votes, a creditable start that’s encouraged us to field more candidates in the upcoming 2023 New York City Council elections.

    Some might ask, why do we need a medical freedom party? I would reply with the adage, “A stitch in time, saves nine.”
    In 2019-2020, global bureaucrats tore the thread of medical freedom, unraveling the sacred fabric of cherished freedoms including speech, assembly, movement, religion, press, property rights and bodily autonomy. Recent history shows the MFA/MFP to be an effective, high-minded organization capable of bold grassroots action. Established parties and institutions had not adequately protected the people from medical tyranny. God helps those who help themselves, who stand up for medical freedom.

    The Medical Freedom Alliance of New York has met weekly for the last two years. In 2021-22, I led the MFA’s school outreach in a campaign of parents of Success Academy, NYC’s largest charter school network, that forced their administration to rescind their vaccine and testing mandates for students. This year the MFA wants to place a weekly announcement to run for one year in the free West Side papers with a circulation greater in some zip codes than that of the New York Post or NY Daily News, so people will know where to turn to support activism for medical freedom. The ad will cost $1,500. Helping to underwrite this ad is a great way to support the Medical Freedom Alliance and its outgrowth, the Medical Freedom Party. I, along with many others, intend to run this year for NY City Council on the MFP line.

    Please consider underwriting this ad. You may write a check to me, Robert Bobrick c/o Medical Freedom Alliance Ad at 340 West 28th Street 18D, New York, NY 10001. If you wish to give cash, I can pick up your donation. You may contact me at rbobrick@gmail.com. The effect on the public of an ongoing invite to our meetings is sure to be significant. Let’s make 2023 a historic year for progress, medical and human freedom. Happy New Year! - Robert Bobrick

    Personal and Family News

    Nina is working five days a week as a home healthcare aide. On the weekends, she works for a family on the Lower East Side with two boys who are handicapped. She finds working with kids a welcome change from her assignments with older clients. She takes the train every Monday to the Queens-Nassau County border where she lives in for three days with a nonagenarian Chinese woman. She recently learned from a Jamaican health aide with whom she works some of his Jamaican recipes. Nina also played an effectual role in my state senate campaign. She designed original flyers and signage and recruited campaign workers from among her Chinese friends. Her son Jun and his wife Corrine live in Staten Island now. They are both entrepreneurs who run their own weekend food stalls in the warmer months while holding day jobs during the week.

    About the time I started petitioning in June to get on the ballot, I decided to refresh my knowledge of Latin grammar, so I could read Caesar in the original. I took 4 years of Latin in high school, but I never could read Caesar, Cicero, or Virgil with fluency. On November 17, I was ready to start reading Caesar”s De Bello Gallico. It has been a thrilling adventure. I look forward to reading even more Latin literature. Hillsdale College’s free online courses, especially “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic,” have played a major role in guiding me to the classics.

    Even if you don’t wish to donate to the Medical Freedom Alliance, we would enjoy hearing from you.


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