A Statue Speaks to Me

    I look up in Madison Square Park
    And see a statue in colors somber and dark.
    Well, what do you know, I’ll be damned
    It’s a senator from the past on his stand.
    I said, Tell me what are you about?
    He opened his mouth and let out a shout:
    What in God’s name are you trying to do?
    Run for office, become a Senator too?
    Roscoe, I said, teach me a plan.
    Conkling just growled, Behave like a man!
    He stands overlooking a food emporium
    Tall, handsome stone-still in memoriam.
    He was the State’s oft times office-holder
    A mayor, a rep, and then a Senator.
    He knew how to box, keep physically fit
    Rode often, loving the bridle and bit.
    One of New York’s Republican stars,
    Opposed slavery and the stars and bars.
    But mostly he’s known as a politician,
    That seems to have been his main volition.
    I turned to go, he asked, what year are we in?
    Election year. He said, I hope you win.
    One more thing, said Roscoe, don’t walk in the snow
    I did, fell down, and God sent me below.

    Robert Bobrick, Stein Poetry
    August 15, 2022


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