• Report on Issues at the Board of Elections in the City of New York

    On December 5, MFP and Republican candidates, supporters and New York City Audits reported on discrepencies in November 23, 2023 City Council elections. You can view a recording of the meeting below and jump to the relevant time stamps: https://vote.nyc/page/commissioners-meetings 45:26 Sylvia Chappell speaks about her experience as a volunteer. 49:38 Danny Maio speaks on a number of issues. 52:58 Josephine Aronson from New York City Audits speaks. 57:00 Martha Rowen speaks on election issues. 1…

  • Campaign Wrap Up Party Video November 21, 2023

    This video is from the campaign party hosted by Robert P. Bobrick to celebrate the Medical Freedom Party, its candidates and volunteers and the impact it has made in New York City in 2023.

  • Medical Freedom Party candidates for City Council 2023 Election Results

    Medical Freedom candidates understand that liberty starts with one's rights to choose what is best for one's own body. No one, not corporations or government officials, should be allowed to impinge any way on an individual's right to accept or deny any medical procedure. Anything less is slavery. Medical Freedom Party candidates for City Council Nov 7, 2023 Election Results Robert Bobrick Medical Freedom Party, Republican District 3 (Manhattan) Bobforny.com 10.4 % Martha Rowen Medical Freedom Pa…

  • Robert Bobrick in the Local Paper Headlines Oct-Nov 2023

    The local paper Chelsea News/ Chelsea Clinton called it a competitive race, which confirms that it was an influential and successful campaign. In one of the articles pre-election October 23, 2023 all of Bob's answers to the editor are reprinted verbatum.

  • Grass Roots Campaigning on the Westside

    Canvassing businesses in Hell’s Kitchen October 2, 2023 Taking a Break with the Volunteers October 11, 2023 Postering and flyering in the West Village October 28, 2023

  • Robert Bobrick's Campaign in Chelsea

    Jerry, Lisa, and Robert walked handing out flyers from 42nd to 66th Street & then leafleted the NYCHA houses in background for Robert’s Senate 47 campaign. More happy than tired. Photo is taken in front of West Side NYCHA houses near Lincoln Center.

  • Class Notes | Columbia College Today

    Lew Preschel l.a.preschel@gmail.com Hello, Class of 1971. It has been 55 years since we set foot on the Morningside Heights campus to start our journey toward graduation. At times it feels longer and at times it feels as though it never happened, but here we are. Robert Bobrick entered with the Class of 1967 but he did not graduate until 1971, receiving a degree in Chinese language and culture. He pursued this line of education, attaining two master’s, one in Asian studies from Seton Hall Univer…

  • A Statue Speaks to Me. Conversations with Roscoe Conkling, PART 2

    The campaign was over, I had to roam. On the way to Stein Center I passed Roscoe at home. Hello again, Roscoe, Can I give you an update? “I’m not going anywhere,” he looked down and replied, “What’s been transpiring in my city and state?” I have to say your GOP is fit to be tied. “I’m not surprised,” he said and then quizzed me “But how did you do with your campaign? As a first-time candidate, you had me worried.” I got quite some votes though my legs were in pain.” There’ll be another round (th…

  • New Year’s Greetings

    Some of you might be surprised to hear from me after a hiatus, yet I have exciting news to share about my plans for 2023 that could affect thousands of people in New York City: In 2022, I ran for State Senate in District 47 on Manhattan’s West Side as a Medical Freedom Party candidate. The MFP is a new and independent party, founded the day after Easter, 2022, by members of the Medical Freedom Alliance of New York, an all-volunteer activist group founded in 2020 to protect and exercise our God-g…

  • A Statue Speaks to Me

    I look up in Madison Square Park And see a statue in colors somber and dark. Well, what do you know, I’ll be damned It’s a senator from the past on his stand. I said, Tell me what are you about? He opened his mouth and let out a shout: What in God’s name are you trying to do? Run for office, become a Senator too? Roscoe, I said, teach me a plan. Conkling just growled, Behave like a man! He stands overlooking a food emporium Tall, handsome stone-still in memoriam. He was the State’s oft times off…

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